Peace For Pit Bulls
Pit Bull & Pit Mix FACTS
​Sharing the TRUTHS about the most misunderstood dog breed in the world. 
​Notable Pit Bull Owners

Jon Stewart 
Ken Howard
Jamie Foxx 
Rachael Ray
Joey Porter 
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel 
President Theodore Roosevelt
President Woodrow Wilson
Helen Keller
Thomas Edison
John Steinbeck 
General George Patton 
Fred Astaire
Humphrey Bogart
Mel Brooks
Kevin Bacon
Anne Bancroft
Mary Tyler Moore
Micheal J. Fox
Brad Pitt
Bernadette Peters
Alicia Silverstone
Linda Blair
Ira Glass
Eliza Dushku
Anthony Robbins
Ashley Olson 
Orlando Bloom
Serena Williams
Tom Brady
Gisele Bundchen

Pit Bulls are aggressive and will bite some one at some point.....FALSE! 
First of all, it is important to have all dogs spayed or neutered. The majority of incidents and dog attacks that make the news are found to involve either un-spayed/neutered dogs or poorly trained and un-socialized dogs. Pit Bulls are very strong but are a very popular breed because the rarely bite. 

​Pit Bulls are unpredictable and will attack other animals.....FALSE! 
Pit Bulls can live peacefully with other dogs and even cats when given the proper training and introduction. They actually test these things! The American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS) has tested over 
100 different dog breeds and the Pit Bull achieved a passing rate of 86.8%, better than the following:                                                                The Beagle - 72.2%            The Golden Retriever - 83.2%
                                                              Border Collie - 81.5%          Cocker Spaniel - 82.1% 
                                                              Greyhound - 80.3%            Shih Tzu - 77.8% 
                                                              Visit: to see scores from other breeds.

Pit Bulls are dangerous to have around children.....FALSE!!!
​Pit Bulls always test high as one of the top 5 most stable dogs in the country. They are extremely patient and tolerant of children. Our Pit has been mobbed by 25 kindergarteners trying to pet her at once and her tail never stopped wagging. 

Pit Bulls are easy to train.....TRUE!
Verbal training comes very quickly and easily for the Pit Bull. They are very sensitive and eager to please you so they learn very fast.  

Pit Bulls get a bad reputation.....TRUE!
The bad reputation is caused by their owners. Poorly raised and abused animals will be aggressive and unpredictable. Dogs need attention, exercise, and love to be responsible members of your pack...please make sure you are ready before adding any animal to your family.